How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

Hi Tony – Whilst I’m not skinny I am not particularly overweight either yet in a passport photo recently taken I look like I am enormous. Can you share any tips about how to get rid of a double chin? Simon Crookshank, London

First off, a double chin or chubby jowls can be hereditary which is why you and others are often caught by surprise when they realize they have a double chin. When it is pointed out – or as in your case it is noticed in a photo – more often than not it can be a shock to those who aren’t carrying a lot of extra weight in other parts of the body.

Having said that, I’m sure you will agree a double chin on a healthy, fit person is a rare site. When you say you are not particularly overweight I’m willing to wager that what you actually mean is that while you may be carrying a few extra pounds, you don’t look half as overweight as some of the other guys you have started to notice with double chins.

So, the good news for Simon is that because he isn’t too overweight it won’t be hard to lose those extra pounds and once he does, he will get rid of the double chin as well as any other spare fat he his carrying.

Being able to target fatty areas with specific exercises is a myth so you can’t actually do an exercise for double chin fat just as doing ab exercises will not remove fat from your stomach. Your body uses up its spare fats from wherever it has surplus stored so you can ignore those websites recommending various facial exercises as they are pointless.

That doesn’t mean don’t do any type of exercise though. Exercise enables you to better create a calorific deficit which means quicker weight loss.

To lose weight you have to convince your body to use its stored fat. To do this you can either:

  • lower your energy intake (food) so that it is less than you need to function
  • Increase your energy usage (exercise) so you are using more than you are taking in
  • a bit of both

Either of these absolutely guarantees weight loss, it is impossible for you not to lose weight. Which path you take depends on your goal. If it is just to lose weight you take the first option, if your goal is to replace fat with muscle you take the second option and the third option is for those who wish to lose weight and tone up a bit.

Even for those people who are excessively overweight, getting rid of a double chin certainly isn’t man made dieta lost cause. Make a commitment to change your lifestyle for the better and I promise you, losing your double chin, belly fat or man boobs becomes a lot easier than you dare imagine.

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