remove body odor

How To Remove Body Odor

When it comes to a man’s grooming regime, learning how to remove body odor is the most important. You can grow the hippest beard, you can wear the sharpest suit or have the sultry looks of a James Dean but if you stink like a truckers crotch after he’s pulled a double shift then you are going …

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Are Eggs Good For You?

We’ve been told for years that eggs are good for you and now researchers at Cambridge University in Great Britain have backed up the claims our parents made to us with scientific proof. They found that having eggs for breakfast will help you stay alert and awake throughout the rest of the day and as …

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Resveratol Will Not Help Men Lose Weight

Is there any link between Resveratol and weight loss or is it just marketing? The first clinical trials are in and Resveratol has no weight loss benefits although the trials did reveal other benefits.