Upper Body Workout – Get The V Shape

A full upper body workout where the goal is to get the V shape, three muscle groups are targeted. The deltoids, lats and abs should all be included in an upper body workout program […]


Free Weights Or Machines?

Anyone into getting ripped will have an opinion on the free weights or machine argument and here I give my reasons why for muscle gain at least, free weights win every time. […]

30 Days To a Better Body

Stop wasting hundreds of dollars on expensive gym memberships. You don’t need thousand dollar equipment to achieve million dollar results. In the comfort of your own home, working out when it’s convenient for YOU, you […]

Workout Plans For Men

The Man Up Zone collection of diet and workout plans for men. Although each specialist exercise program was written as a follow on to the Man Made Diet, they are stand alone programs and include […]


The Halo Effect On Men

The halo effect on men breeds a confidence that will get the wearer the best job offers and the best girls. So what is it and where can I buy one? […]