• remove body odor

    How To Remove Body Odor

    When it comes to a man’s grooming regime, learning how to remove body odor is the most important. You can grow the hippest beard, you can wear the sharpest suit or have the sultry looks of [...]
  • cell phones are lowering sperm count

    Cell Phones Are Frying Your Sperm

    A new study has found that almost half of men who carry their cellular phones in their trouser pockets had a lower sperm count. “If you wear a suit to work put the phone in [...]
  • Style

    How To Look Great in a Suit

    The good folk at Details have released a guide to buying and wearing a suit and it includes 57 rules, some of which most men can heartily agree with – such as rule 1, fit [...]


In the Spotlight

Gym Etiquette

by Tony in Fitness

Knowing gym etiquette can help make that first visit a little less daunting so here we cover all the basics of what’s expected from you and others when working out. […]


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  • Nuts For Weight Loss – They Really Do Help You Lose Weight

    While the benefits of eating nuts for weight loss has been long been advocated by dietitians, it is now official thanks to research from the University of Barcelona […]

  • Free Weights Or Machines?

    Anyone into getting ripped will have an opinion on the free weights or machine argument and here I give my reasons why for muscle gain at least, free weights win every time. […]

  • Is Oestrogen Pollution the Cause of Male Boobs?

    Listen up you guys out there with “B” cups over the age of 21. There is a lot of talk about Oestrogen pollution (synthetic estrogen – a female hormone) being the cause of your man boobs (a condition occurring in males called Gynecomastia).Scientists believe Is Oestrogen Pollution the Cause of Male Boobs? […]

  • Why Men Should Be Having More Sex

    As if we needed an excuse to get our rocks off, Men’s Health mag is reporting regular orgasms lowers men’s risk of prostate cancer by a third. “Lower your risk of prostate cancer by one [...]
  • Training Supplements : Dispelling Some Myths

    Think all training supplements are the same? Well think again and learn some of the myths the manufacturers would like you to believe about their protein powders and multi-vitamins […]