• remove body odor

    How To Remove Body Odor

    When it comes to a man’s grooming regime, learning how to remove body odor is the most important. You can grow the hippest beard, you can wear the sharpest suit or have the sultry looks of [...]
  • cell phones are lowering sperm count

    Cell Phones Are Frying Your Sperm

    A new study has found that almost half of men who carry their cellular phones in their trouser pockets had a lower sperm count. “If you wear a suit to work put the phone in [...]
  • man in a suit

    How To Look Great in a Suit

    The good folk at Details have released a guide to buying and wearing a suit and it includes 57 rules, some of which most men can heartily agree with – such as rule 1, fit [...]


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  • The Halo Effect On Men

    The halo effect on men breeds a confidence that will get the wearer the best job offers and the best girls. So what is it and where can I buy one? […]

  • Fat Burning Supplements : Do They Work?

    While training supplements may be the leading products for most of these companies, the fat burning supplements are a close second but are they worth the money? […]

  • Isometric Exercises

    Isometric exercises are perfect for toning up as you lose weight and here we cover popular resistance workouts you can do at home and without any need for equipment. […]

  • Exercise Myths Exposed

    Exercise myths have been around since health and fitness became popular and here’s a few I lift the lid on and explain why they are just myths […]

  • How To Grow a Beard – (Facial Hair Growth Made Easy)

    Fuzzy Roots How hard can it be to grow a beard? “Oh, it’s easy. Just stop shaving.” This was the only advice I ever received about it from my Dad. But it’s no secret that [...]