Why All Men Should Be Worried About Xenoestrogens

Thanks to Xenoestrogens more men are experiencing a menopause too, it’s known as Andropause and is characterized by a drop in the important sex hormone testosterone. As the testosterone declines, estrogen which is the female sex hormone, has a systemic increase. Not only does the man’s libido decline he can also develop man boobs.

Over the past several decades the prevalence of Andropause has increased and this increase is associated with the exposure to Xenoestrogens. Andropause in men naturally occurs when he reaches his fifties, now however, this is happening in the early forties for many men.

The rise in Xenoestrogens is due mainly to a wide range use of chemicals that pollute the environment. The long term effect of the use of chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, plastics and detergents has resulted in those chemicals combining to formulate Xenoestrogen, a synthetic estrogen.

This hormone has leeched into our food and water supply and has adversely affected men.  Xenoestrogens causes malabsorption of zinc, an important compound that is necessary for a health libido. This is evident by the increasing number of men seeking medical attention for symptoms of low libido, erectile dysfunction, and man boobs.

The occurrence of Xenoestrogens exposure starts as early as birth, yet the affects are not seen until the male child experiences puberty. As his sex hormones begin to rage there is a conflict in the amount of estrogen in the system causing unwanted physical changes – man boobs. It’s estimated that 65% of teenage boys has embarrassing breast growth in one or both breast. Usually once the boy is post pubescent this condition resolves.

As the male ages and develop adult habits, like smoking, drinking alcohol and the use of illegal drugs (especially marijuana and steroids) he is further exposing the body to Xenoestrogens, because these activities also have the ability to chemically alter hormonal levels in the body. Then he hits forty and finds that there is a drastic decline in his testosterone level, resulting in the symptoms described above, the most worrisome being male boobs.

Man boobs may be due to the increase in estrogen from Xenoestrogens, but it could also be fat. The way to distinguish between the two is fat is soft and supple and distributed pretty much evenly throughout the breast area; where as the affects of too much estrogens is identified by firm dense tissue developing just beneath the nipples.

Why should all men be worried about Xenoestrogens? It’s clear that this synthetic estrogen is altering our growth and development. It’s causing unwanted conditions to occur that is adversely affecting us both emotionally and physically. There is very little we can do to change the cascade of environmental changes that has occurred for the sake of higher yield, however the things that can be changed should be.

To deter the side effects of Xenoestrogens, especially those dreaded man boobs, the habits that must be stopped are smoking, alcohol abuse and any illicit drug use. This doesn’t guarantee that the symptoms of Andropause will not happen earlier in life, but it will lessen our exposure to Xenoestrogens.

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