Upper Body Workout – Get The V Shape

Apart from craving a great looking six pack, the V shape is the most sought after look for guys wanting to get ripped. For most guys though, having both is going to be difficult because to get that V shape look you need a thin waist rather than a muscular abdomen.

You will want to concentrate on a workout that increases the size of your chest, upper back and shoulders as well as including exercises that tighten the stomach rather than increasing the size of the abs. This will accentuate the V shape and give you the look you are after.

Lets look at the 3 main muscle groups you want your workout to be targeting.

The Deltoids

Your Deltoids are the muscles that form the round shape of your shoulders. To get that wide V shape look you want to bulk these up to give your shoulders that big and wide appearance.

Exercises that increase and strengthen the deltoids include lateral raises, both cable and dumbbell, seated press and bent over lateral raises. Basically any of the heavy pressing or leverage raising exercises. You should be taking as much weight as you can without losing good form. You are wasting your time doing raises if you are swinging the weights rather than keeping a smooth and steady action.

The Lats

Any bodybuilder will tell you your lats are never big or wide enough and you should always be working them. Your lats are the muscles that start under your arms and travel down the sides of your middle back.

The two type of exercises you need to build your lats are pull ups and pull downs to to increase width and rows such as deadlifts and barbell and cable rows to increase thickness.

The Abs

As already mentioned, if it’s the V look you are after you will want to tighten your abdominals rather than develop a thick waist. To do this you should include none weight abs exercises as part of your workout. Exercises such as leg raises and gorilla chin crunches as shown in the video below will tighten your stomach and give your waist a thin appearance.

Including exercises that work these 3 muscle groups as part of your workout is the fastest way to get that V shape look. Obviously you will need a diet plan that is rich in protein and complex carbs to help you get the look you crave.

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