The Halo Effect On Men

“Since I lost 100lb and got myself into shape everyone notices me yet when I was supersized and unmissable I seemed to be invisible!”

The above was one of the replies we got when we sent out a follow up to members of The Man Made Diet. The reason this member felt invisible until he got himself into shape is because of the phenomenon known as the halo effect on men.

Wikipidia tells us that the Halo Effect on men and women is a cognitive bias whereby the perception of one charactaristic of a person influences our perception of that persons other charactaristics.

Basically, when we see a hot confident woman we assume she’s a tigress in bed because of the halo effect.

You will often hear career women complain that they are fed up being judged on their looks but for guys this problem is actually worse. Studies have shown that a woman considered good looking will have an average 5% higher salary than a woman doing the same job that isn’t.

The Halo Effect on men causes that figure to rise to 10% and while it usually only effects a womens salary, for men it also weighs heavily when it comes to job offers too.

The Halo Effect On Men And Confidence

When you start to lose weight people will notice. There is nothing better for your confidence or your diet regime than having someone ask “Have you lost weight?”

The more people ask, the more you will work on your diet and excercises. The more you work on your body the more you get asked and the more you get asked, the more confidence you gain.

This cycle gives you the momentum required to succeed. It becomes easy, even enjoyable because you will feel good about yourself.

Soon people are asking “have you been working out?” and then your confidence will really sky rocket!

This new found confidence will get you noticed. Thanks to the halo effect on men you will become more successful in your life.

Looking for a new job? People develop an opinion of you within 30 seconds of your first meet. Who do you think is going to get the job? The guy carrying the extra 100lb who’s sweating from the walk up to the office or the confident guy with the firm handshake, flat stomach and defined muscles?

It might not be PC but barring a major catastrophe its a none contest, guaranteed the fit guy gets the job 99 times out of a 100.

Looking for a partner? Its human nature – survival of the fittest and all that – women are attracted to men who look like men and thanks to all the estrogen in today’s environment those type of men are becoming harder and harder to find.

Man up and get in shape and you instantly have a head start on most of the other single guys playing the dating game. Add your new found confidence into the mix and dating becomes easy for you.

The halo effect on men can be a life changer if you’ve never experienced it before and can be quickly achieved with the right diet program for men.

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