The Physical Benefits Of Exercise – Both Long & Short Term

Just about everyone knows that it is important but do you really understand the actual physical benefits of exercise?  Let’s try and shed some light on this subject which will hopefully encourage you to take action if you don’t already have exercise as a part of your life.

There are a number benefits that we reap when we make exercise a part of our daily routine.  Just about every exercise will help improve our flexibility, help us maintain a healthy weight, build endurance, stamina and strength.

Physical exercise also ensures that we expend enough energy each day so that we get good enough sleep at night.  I’ve been working out for years and honestly I can’t remember the last time that I had trouble falling asleep.  I sleep like a ROCK.

Exercise is also good for keeping stress at bay as it helps drive away worries, anxieties and nervousness that would otherwise build up.

Most people will take up exercising with the sole aim of losing weight.  This of course is just one of the excellent short term physical benefits of exercise but long term benefits include clearing fat from our arteries, reducing our chances of a heart attack and cardiovascular disease.

People who exercise regularly are in general healthier than those who do not.  When it comes to heart related problems, those who exercise with regularity often avoid them and live a longer life.

Here is a quick take on some of the typical physical benefits of exercise:

  • It reduces blood pressure in the body.
  • It helps control weight
  • It reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes and other diseases
  • It raises HDL (good cholesterol) levels in the body.
  • It builds one’s self esteem and it gives one more confidence

Following are some of my top reasons as to why you should consider making exercise an important part of your life:

To Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

Exercising every day is a great way to strengthen your heart muscles.  It also helps maintain optimal levels of cholesterol.  Being physically active each and every day will also reduce your chances of having a stroke and the risk of heart disease.

To Look Great

I am  positive that you will agree with me on this point.  Just about everyone wants to look good and we all desire to be in shape.  Regular exercise is an important part of the equation when it comes to having a healthy look and a body that is fit and in shape.  You will also find that with exercise, internal health will also go a long way towards giving you a pleasant external appearance.

To Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Exercising every day will help you manage body fat much more easily than no exercise.  Keeping body fat percentage in check will reduce your chances of  having diabetes.

To Increase Longevity

One of the biggest benefits of exercise is that you greatly increase the chances of living healthier and longer.  Research shows that regular exercise is helpful in the prevention of obesity (which is becoming an epidemic if it isn’t already one).

Obesity, as you probably know, is one of the prime factors that is responsible for many severe diabetes.  Exercise helps reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and it will lower your blood pressure.  Research also shows that people who exercise regularly live longer than those who don’t, period!

To Improve Balance and Reduce the Risk of Injuries

If you are interested in improving your coordination and balance.  Exercise can do that.  You can strengthen the muscles and connective tissues of the body by regular exercise which reduces the risk of severe injuries from occurring when some accident does happen.

To Remain Productive

If you’d like to keep your metabolism burning efficiently, exercise actually reverses the natural decline of our metabolism that typically sets in after the age of thirty.

With regular exercise you are energized and stay more productive throughout the day.  I know when I exercise, at least a little, I feel invigorated and I stay fresh throughout the day and I able to think much more clearly.

To be Happy

Since exercise can give you higher energy levels, you often feel happier.  I know I feel more accomplished when I get my exercise in.  If I ever feel upset or stressed out about something, exercise often makes those feelings fade away.  Exercise  releases endorphins which give you that “happy – feel good” feeling.

To Increase Your Strength

If you are interested in increasing your overall strength, exercise is key.  You can increase your body’s stamina with rigorous exercise.  Exercise will also increase your endurance which results in an increase of your physical capacity.

To Increase Self Confidence

Exercise not only help you look good but also feel good on the inside.  By exercising, you can achieve a healthy and fit body which results in a happy frame of mind and a healthy sense of well-being.

This will boost your confidence in your abilities and what you can accomplish.  This confidence will get reflected in your life through personal and professional relationships.  Exercise will make your confidence soar!

To Reduce Stress and Fatigue

If you are like me you need every bit of energy you can get.  When I don’t exercise, I feel fatigued and bogged down.  My working environment is full of deadlines and many tasks and it can get stressful.  I have high end clients I provide dietary and training schedules for and I have to work when they can see me. I also write for this and other blogs, again to a tight schedule.

When I exercise, these problems tend to become minor.  That is because exercise reduces my frustration levels, it revitalizes me and it clears my head so I can focus and tackle work issues head on.  In a nutshell, I am less tired and less stressed out because of my workouts.

My bet is that you are starting to understand both the long and short term physical benefits of exercise and why it is so important to your well-being.  I hope I have convinced you to consider making physical exercise a regular part of your lifestyle.

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the physical benefits of exercise

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