Personal Fitness Trainer Gains 70lbs

A personal trainer wanted to know how it felt to be overweight so piled on 70lbs in 6 months to find out. He’s swapped his six pack for a pair of man boobs and now hopes to prove how easy it is to get fit by losing the weight and getting his body back.

Exercise Myths Exposed

Exercise myths have been around since health and fitness became popular and here’s a few I lift the lid on and explain why they are just myths

How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

Simon from London asks if we can shed any light on how to get rid of a double chin? Read what Tony advises for anyone wanting to lose a double chin

Upper Body Workout – Get The V Shape

A full upper body workout where the goal is to get the V shape, three muscle groups are targeted. The deltoids, lats and abs should all be included in an upper body workout program

Free Weights Or Machines?

Anyone into getting ripped will have an opinion on the free weights or machine argument and here I give my reasons why for muscle gain at least, free weights win every time.