The Man Made Diet

If you’re here, you’re looking for a change. Congratulations on taking that first step towards completely transforming your body and changing your life. If you’ve been trying the typical weight loss regime and not seeing the results you’ve been desperate to achieve, you’re not alone.

Thousands of men have been trying ordinary diet and exercise regimens without success… and do you know why? Because they are generic. Ordinary weight loss programs do NOT provide extraordinary results.

If you want to…

  • Lose weight
  • Achieve a higher level of fitness
  • Keep the weight off
  • Sculpt your body
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  • Improve every aspect of your life

….then you want a genuine diet plan for men that will provide extraordinary results and luckily you’ve stumbled on such a system…

Designed FOR Men By Men

Because You Need A System That WILL Work For You

Losing weightISN’T about starvation. Losing weightISN’T about working out to the point of exhaustion. Losing weight IS about easy lifestyle changes.

  • Are you ready to learn the surprising truth behind the foods that lower your metabolism, lose muscle, and gain weight and the foods that practically make weight loss as easy as eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
  • Are you ready to work out SMARTER and not harder?
  • Are you ready to STOP counting calories?
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If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of those questions, then you are ready for…

The Man Made Diet

Lose Weight, Get Fit, Man Up

The Man Made Diet is the first diet plan for men with our unique needs in mind. man made diet

This low carb, high protein diet and exercise program is your doorway to losing weight, getting fit, staying fit, and transforming your life once and for all.

Download the worlds #1 diet plan for men right now and inside, you’ll discover…

Why traditional diet plans are proven to consistently FAIL for men and also:

  • Why keeping your stomach full and avoiding hunger is the key to melting that stubborn fat
  • The carb cycle and what it means for your weight loss
  • Why you can STOP waisting your time counting calories
  • Why men experience amazing results with high protein diets
  • Why breakfast really is the most important meal of the day
  • Which foods to avoid, and which of your favorite foods will actually HELP you lose weight
  • Which drinks you need to eliminate from your everyday life
  • How you can enjoy a night at the bar and still stick to the plan
  • How to lose the weight and make sure you don’t gain back a single pound
  • The importance of toning during weight loss
  • A simple isometric program that can be done in minutes a day and keeps your body toned and tight
  • … and so much more

The Man Made Diet is unlike everything you’ve tried before. The effectiveness of this diet plan for men has been proven through extensive research, trial and error, and most importantly through the results REAL men are experiencing.

Hi Tonydiet plan for men

Just a quick note to thank you for The Man Made Diet. Not only did I lose my target of 50 pounds but I’ve also toned up and feel like I’ve lost 20 years!

I had tried so many of the so called fad diets that women were recommending to me but all failed miserably for me as I just couldn’t get through the day on the little food they allowed.

Once again, thanks so much for releasing your diet plan for men and please feel free to use the attached photo of me in the pants I was wearing just 8 weeks ago.


Trevor Baines, London UK


The weight was falling off within days and once it was everything just snowballed!

I went from being shy and clumsy into an outgoing and confident guy within just a few months.

The Man Made Diet really does work and I recommend it to any man who wants to change his life for the better.

Phillip Taylor, Tempe, Arizona

Hear from some of the hundreds of other men who are already transforming their bodies thanks to the revolutionary science behind the worlds #1 diet plan for men, The Man Made Diet…

An absolute God send, thanks Tony – Andy T, New York

At last I’m actually losing weight without starving myself! – Paul P, Maine

This is a life changer, no doubt about it, thanks so much – Gary M, Dallas

I had just about given up finding a diet plan for men that would actually work for a guy doing manual work and needing to actually eat! – Rob W, Liverpool

The Man Made Diet Makes Losing Weight, Getting Fit, and Manning Up As Easy As Eating The Right Foods And Exercising The RIGHT Way

You’ll Be Amazed At How Quickly Your Body Transforms

That’s right, within DAYS you will notice drastic changes to your weight, your form, your health, and your self-esteem. You’ll gain confidence and energy and heads will turn when you walk in the room.

Remember, The Man Made Diet will not only transform your body, but it will also change your life. What will your transformation do for you? Get you that promotion? Kick your sex life into gear? Get you noticed in the dating game?

How Much Is That Worth To You?

I’m not going to charge you the thousands of dollars I charge my private clients. I’m not going to charge you the price of a gym membership. Why? Because I want YOU to change your life. The Man Made Diet was made by men for men and I want every man to experience it. That’s why I am offering it for the low price of just…



weight plan for men

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