Is Oestrogen Pollution the Cause of Male Boobs?

Listen up you guys out there with “B” cups over the age of 21. There is a lot of talk from researchers and scientists about Oestrogen pollution (synthetic estrogen – a female hormone) being the cause of your man boobs (a condition occurring in males officially called Gynecomastia). These pollutants can be found in unsuspecting places; from the water you drink to the plastic bottle you drink it from.

What causes this oestrogen pollution? It’s been suggested that it’s caused by multiple chemicals we use in our everyday modern life. One example is pesticides that are sprayed on plants to prevent insects from eating our mass produce fruits and vegetables.  So men with enlarged breasts could be the side effect of our modern industrialized world.

A 5 year study by the UK Environment Agency found male fish were developing female characteristics because of the oestrogens found in birth control pills. Oestrogen was getting into the waterways via the urine of women on contraceptives.

The BBC reported:

“The agency study, funded by the government, examined roach from 10 rivers over the past five years and found “intersex” males in all of them. Just under half of the male fish had developed eggs in their testes or female reproductive ducts.”

If you are developing man boobs (dense breast tissue just under your nipples) and you are far beyond puberty, the cause could very well have an environmental origin.  There is very little you can do individually about the pollutant (unless you control the mass production of food in this country) but there are some things you can do to avoid them.

Eat organic which is a little more costly but certainly less exposure. Secondly, drink from glass bottles; it’s not convenient but a lot safer. In our disposable world we are finding the plastics we use are hurting us more in the long run, so are they really worth the short term convenience?

65% of adolescent boys have extra breast tissue as they go through puberty, if this occurs later in life the cause is probably Oestrogen pollution.

As previously mentioned the breast tissue changes from increased exposure to Oestrogen pollution is firm or dense, if it’s soft and supple it’s probably fat which means you may just need to reduce your caloric intake.

So if your man boobs are soft, weight reduction may be your cure but if they are firm and you are far beyond puberty it’s time to see your health care provider for treatment and cure.

There are other environmental exposures that can cause your man boobs too. Such as smoking, drinking alcohol in excess and illegal drug use (especially marijuana). So if you are a party animal you could be willingly introducing Oestrogen pollutions into your body which increases your chances of Gynecomastia.

In conclusion, there are several environmental elements that prone men to unwanted breast growth later in life. If your man boobs are caused by Oestrogen pollution you can do something about (i.e. stop smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, and stop illicit drug use) and there are some things you can only control by being a conscientious consumer to limit the exposure (eat organic fruits and vegetables and avoid drinking from plastic bottles).

Gynecomastia is embarrassing for most men and as we have seen there are steps you can take to reduce the risks of man boobs.

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