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You could quite easily spend 5 figures kitting out a home gym which is fine if you are a professional sportsman or bodybuilder but there really is no need if your goal is to simply lose some weight and get fit. Here’s my recommendation for the type of home fitness exercise equipment you should consider and it won’t break the bank either.

A Set Of Dumbells

Dumbbells are ideal weights because they don’t require a bench and don’t take up any room. There are countless exercises you can do with a set of dumbbells and they can be used to work the entire body, not just the arms.

You can work the pectorals, shoulders and arms, back, legs, build yourself a six pack and even tighten up your buttocks with a good dumbell routine.

They are also extremely cheap when compared to a training machine or even when compared to a set of barbells and bench. You can pick up a quality set of dumbells with carrycase for under $50 from Amazon. Make sure you get a set that allow you to adjust the weight so you can increase it as you progress.

A Chin Up Bar

These fit into a doorway and after your workout are removed for storage. Quick and easy to set up, you can purchase a quality chin up bar for under $30 that will work your arms, back and shoulders as well as getting your heart pumping.

Resistance Bands

Again, these can be used to work out a full range of muscles. Resistance bands are ideal for beginners and have come a long way in the last few years. I use resistance bands to warm up before a full workout. A quality full set can be purchased for under $30 and start at less than $10

A Skipping Rope

When it comes to a cardio workout you can’t beat the good old skipping rope and compare the few dollars it costs to a home treadmill and you will see the real benefit!

The above set of exercise equipment can and will work all the major muscles as well as your heart, helping you to lose weight and get fit for around $130 which is about the cost of a cheap exercise bike or a few months gym membership.

Home exercise equipment is very expensive and much of it is totally unneccessary. The marketers understand that many of us make the decision to lose weight and get fit but don’t actually want to act on it. We would much rather keep buying the latest abs workout machine or treadmill so we feel like we are doing something but after a few days of use we declare it doesn’t work and stop using it.

Losing weight and getting fit doesn’t require you to convert the basement into a home gym packed with the latest equipment. All that can come later if you decide to progress your training to another level but will be a waste of money and space until you actually get to that level of fitness.

The Man Made Diet for example uses an isometric exercise program to tone up the body as the weight comes off and isometrics require no home exercise equipment at all.

Only later when the weight has been lost and members wish to improve their body further with the 30 day exercise program is exercise equipment recommended and even then, it is the low cost variety already mentioned above.

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