Getting Rid Of Man Boobs

Getting rid of man boobs is a problem faced by more and more of today’s men. The main cause of man breasts (gynecomastia) is a hormone imbalance. The male testosterone level is low and the estrogen level is high. The low testosterone can cause fat to build in your body.

There are ways to remove man boobs naturally and here are just a few ways tips for you to consider.

Your diet plays a very important role in your health. Men who have man boobs usually eat a lot of high carb and fatty foods. You will want to avoid Starchy foods, beer, protein powders and meal replacement supplements. These contain soy protein and this has been shown to reduce your testosterone level and it can even increase your estrogen levels.

Foods that are high in protein are really effective in raising testosterone and therefore help in removing moobs. Foods like eggs and fish are very high in protein. It is very important to have a high protein diet because it will give you results fast and will help reduce body fat.

Chest exercises are another great way of getting rid of man boobs.  Weight training exercises will increase your testosterone levels and work the muscles in your chest. Exercise is also a great way to help you lose weight. Excess weight lowers testosterone levels. Low intensity cardio for at least 30 min a few times a week will help you burn off extra body fat and it won’t burn muscle.

Exercise is a very important part in keeping the body healthy, and keeping stress levels down.  Try to get in some kind of workoutgetting rid of man boobs each day, even if its just a brisk walk. If this is not possible at least a few times a week.

Reducing stress can also help get rid of man boobs. Stress causes the body to release cortisol and this hormone suppresses your testosterone levels. You can reduce stress many different ways. Exercise can also help you reduce stress. Yoga is a great form of stress reliving exercise. Deep breathing and relaxing sounds can help reduce stress as well. Taking long walks can be relaxing.

Certain foods can also help reduce stress. Try to take a few minutes out of each day to do something that you enjoy. By doing this it  will help keep your stress level down.

Get Yourself a Plan

If you are serious about getting rid of man boobs then you need a plan. We’ve put together a diet and exercise regime that specifically targets man boobs. Check out Lose Those Man Boobs by clicking here.

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