Daily Exercise Makes You Live Forever

Not really BUT new research today reveals that just 15 minutes daily exercise will add 3 years to your life and your risk of death (for any reason) reduces by 4% for each further 15 minutes of exercise that you do up to a total of 100 minutes.

The study – which was published today in the Lancet Journal – took place between 1996 and 2008, involved over 400,000 people and was carried out in Taiwan. They collected the data by following each participant for an average of 8 years of their life.

Each participant was classified based on the amount of daily physical activity they did and it was found that even those who did low-volume activity (92 minutes per week of walking, digging the garden etc) had a lower death rate than the inactive group. This was regardless of age, sex or previous health conditions.

Surprisingly, it also held true in spite of alcohol consumption, whether a person smoked or not and whether they had a high heart disease risk.

So, who wants to add 3, 4 or 5 years to their life span? 15 minutes of daily exercise is nothing if you put some thought to it and here’s a few ideas to kick start you into action.

No activity – Do nothing, sit at your desk all day and your couch all evening, die before your time.

Low activity – Start walking instead of using the car all the time – a walk to work, for the papers every morning, take the dog around the block every evening. Follow an isometric exercise program. Take up yoga.

Moderate exercise – Up the tempo and walk briskly none stop for 15 minutes a day. Join an aerobics class. Take up dancing. Join a swimming class.

Vigorous exercise – Don’t walk, jog. Join a gym. Buy a rowing machine. Take up cycling.

High vigorous exercise – Don’t jog, run. Workout at the gym on weights. Buy a home gym. Lose weight, get fit, man up.

If you are lucky enough to live in a suitable climate for outdoor training but walking or running sounds too boring for you there are plenty of exercises you can do in the park, on the beach etc. Click here for some ideas to get you started.

How about taking a dip? Not only is swimming good for weight loss, it is regarded as one of the best daily exercise routines you can take up. Swimming will build up your muscles, build endurance, give your heart a great workout and its good for your joints too. Click here for more details about the benefits of swimming.

Why not check out your local gym? Many have evening classes for aerobics, pilates, yoga etc. to ease you into the keep fit scene. If you are feeling more adventurous sign up for a free induction session to see how you get on with the gym machines. Most now offer a pay as you gym alternative to committing to a long term contract so there is no risk in giving it a go.

Prefer to try something in the comfort of your own home? If you are a complete beginner start off with isometric exercises and then perhaps invest in some resistance bands, a set of dumbbells or even a home gym if you have the room.

Whatever it is you decide to do to get your 15 minutes of daily exercise, make a committment to start today. Don’t wait until the end of your life and then regret not taking action – do it now. Once you start you will soon find you can increase the amount of time you diet and daily exercise programexercise as well as the intensity of the workout.

Remember, just 15 minutes increases your life by 3 years but the recommended amount of daily exercise by most Government health bodies is 30 minutes a day.

Is being overweight holding you back? Perhaps you’re even using the fact you are overweight and unfit as an excuse not to exercise daily? Download my diet and daily exercise program and find out how in just a few weeks you can turn your life around. Click here to get started.

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