Your Core Muscles And What They Do

Your core muscles are more than just a six pack. Sure, they play an integral role in your core strength, however, without your back muscles your abdominals wouldn’t be able to do the job.

Your core is your power house of strength. It helps you stand, sit, reach, turn, roll over in bed, reach for things, just about every movement you make involves your core muscles – they’re essential. And the better shape they’re in, the better off you are.

Here’s why:

  1. Your core reduces your risk for injury (lower back injuries are amongst the most common injuries)
  2. Core strength improves your ability to perform day to day functions
  3. Core strength gives you improved posture – helps you stand up tall so your abdominals look longer and leaner
  4. A solid core help you get more out of your workouts because your form is better
  5. AND core strength boosts your metabolism – helps you burn fat all day long.

Exercises for your core does more than give you unbelievable abdominal muscles, they improve your overall health and well being.

Here are our top five exercises and sports that will help build a six pack fast:

  1. Stability Balls, BOSU, and wobble boards all incorporate balance into any exercise. Crunches on a stability ball suddenly becomes much more challenging and effective.
  2. Yoga & Pilates. Yoga and Pilates incorporate balance flexibility and strength into every pose or movement. Pilates was designed specifically to build core strength.
  3. Rock climbing. You may think that rock climbing is all about having strong arms however it’s a fantastic sport for building core strength. Like climbing a tree, you use your back and abdominal muscles to make every move.
  4. Swimming. Swimming is an all around fantastic exercise not only for the cardio benefits but also the fact that it works just about every muscle in your body including your core muscles. Think about the front crawl, each stroke utilizes both back andsix pack abs abdominal muscles.
  5. Tennis. An active tennis match is a continuous volleying of the ball and each stroke of the racket engages both abdominal and back muscles.

Core muscle strength is vital to your overall health and the stronger your core muscles are, the better your abs will look.

If you want to build up your core muscles and let that six pack shine through we have put together a targeted program for you to download. In it you will find everything you need to build a well defined six pack including full diet and exercise program.

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