Bodybuilding Tips – 5 Essentials You Need To Be Doing To Get Ripped

These are the five bodybuilding tips I always give a client who wants to know how to get ripped. If they aren’t 100% committed these tips are usually enough to put them off and if they are then it gives them a jump start and drastically improves their chances of reaching their goal.

Follow these yourself and you will see a dramatic increase in your muscle gain efforts.

1. To ensure your gains are successful, consistent and most importantly measurable, you need to include the 3 major exercises that all professional bodybuilders know are essential for getting ripped.

The dead lift, the squat and the bench press may seem old school and boring but believe me, without these in your workout routine you have a long road ahead. With them though you will quickly improve strength, condition and you will be able to see gains across the whole body.

2. If you are planning to get seriously ripped you need to make sure you are weighted up to fail the 3rd set. This will take some working out but if you are currently completing your 3rd set you will be amazed at the increase in muscle gain once you can’t.

Set your weights so you can do two full sets of 8 to 12 reps but so that you cannot manage 8 reps in the 3rd and final set. Now, the secret is to try to reach 8 reps and push yourself until failure. This ensures you are breaking your muscle tissue which in turn guarantees bigger muscles.

3. This bodybuilding tip follows on from #2. Once you have successfully broken your muscle tissue it is absolutely essential you give your body time to recover before working that muscle group again. So many people set out on a goal to get ripped as fast as possible that they ignore the advice given by just about every professional bodybuilding workout program – only workout a particular muscle group every other day – because they hope to ‘beat the system’ and get the gains they crave in record time.

The fact is though, trying to build muscle like that will actually hinder progress because they don’t allow time for their muscles to rest and recover.

4. This one can be a deal breaker and it’s the first thing I look at when a client complains they have stopped gaining muscle. In order to get ripped you need to work out but to work out efficiently your body needs energy. So many people starting out overlook nutrition but without it your muscle growth isn’t going anywhere. You need the right types of fats, carbs and calories for energy and you need lots of protein to rebuild the muscle.

5. I’ve saved what I consider the most important until last: The Right Mindset! It’s a fact that bodybuilders with a positive outlook on life do better with their body sculpting efforts. You need to be able to visualize yourself with the perfect six pack, a rock solid ripped chest and huge arms. If you can’t see it in your head, chances are it won’t happen because you will lose interest or make a half hearted attempt at getting ripped.

Getting ripped – especially to a bodybuilding competition level – isn’t for everyone because it requires a massive amount of commitment, determination and consistency that most people never reach. If you have chosen this path though, use the above bodybuilding tips and you will greatly increase the odds of you reaching your goal.

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