Are Eggs Good For You?

We’ve been told for years that eggs are good for you and now researchers at Cambridge University in Great Britain have backed up the claims our parents made to us with scientific proof.

They found that having eggs for breakfast will help you stay alert and awake throughout the rest of the day and as an added bonus will help you lose weight by making it easier for your body to burn calories.

The Cambridge News broke the story with an outline of what the scientists found.

The Cambridge University study focused on specialised brain cells called orexin-hypocretin neurons.

Wakefulness and energy rely on signals transmitted by the cells.

Reduced orexin-hypocretin activity results in narcolepsy – a disorder marked by the sudden onset of sleep – and has been linked to weight gain.

The Cambridge team found that protein components of the type found in egg whites stimulated the neurons much more than other nutrients.

The amino acids appeared to stop glucose from blocking the cells.

Previous research had shown that too much glucose sugar suppresses orexin-hypocretin activity. One effect of this is believed to be after-meal sleepiness, as experienced during the 3pm slump. Source: Cambridge News

The Cambridge scientists published their report in the Journal Neuron and it is speculated that it may go some way to explaining why high protein meals like eggs and fish make you feel less calm than when you eat a meal packed with carbs.

Are eggs good for you if you are on a diet?

Eggs have practically no carbs and are packed in protein. They are cheap, can be cooked in a variety of ways and if boiled are portable and great for packed lunches.

Egg whites contain no fats whatsoever and while the yolk contains around 5 grams, only about 1.5 grams of that is bad fat and yes eggs do contain cholesterol but it is dietary cholesterol which most experts agree does not raise the levels in your blood.

The importance of breakfast is covered in our diet plan for men ‘The Man Made Diet‘ which fully endorses eggs as part of your low carb, high protein diet and also includes several recipes.

Are eggs good for you if you are trying to get ripped?

Protein is the building block for muscle and if you aren’t getting enough then you are not going to be able to bulk up or get ripped. Muscle tissue is made of protein and to build muscle you need to work them enough to damage them so that they repair bigger and stronger than before. Rather than using training supplements try to get at least some of your protein intake by eating eggs.

As well as being packed full of protein, eggs contain other nutrients a bodybuilder needs including high levels of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids which help with cellular growth and hormone regulation.

Can I do a Rocky and eat my eggs raw? – Egg Safety

Eggs can carry Salmonella poisoning but the risk of getting sick is removed as soon as you cook them so no I wouldn’t recommend you eat your eggs raw. Also, while the fat is mostly good fats you do want to limit the amount of eggs you consume.

If you are weight training then you can get around this by only eating egg whites while if you are dieting on a high protein, low carb diet I would suggest no more than 6 eggs a week.

Ways to cook eggs

Take your eggs however you like them. Scrambled in the microwave if you are in a hurry, boiled if you want to take them with you for a mid workout snack or for lunch as part of your diet plan. Fried is also good as long as you use olive or vegetable oil or you can steam them or even bake them – however you like them, eggs are good for you!