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Tony KinleyTony Kinley

Hi and welcome to the Man Up Zone.

I have been involved in fitness and nutrition most of my adult life, first as a hobby and then as a profession. Having qualified as a personal fitness instructor in London I landed a job in a private gym and spent the next few years putting what I had learned into practice as well as finding my own niche.

I got a reputation in town as the ‘go to guy’ for 30 to 40 year old men who had let themselves go a bit. These clients weren’t looking to get ripped or anything, just lose some weight and get themselves back into shape. I would create diet and workout plans for them that would work so well they were sending their friends and colleagues to see me and I soon took the plunge and set up business on my own.

Current clients include several leading figures in the business world, a rock band who I knock into shape every year before they go on tour and a Formula One team owner.

I put together The Man Made Diet and the more specialist programs from all my notes that I had made over the years as I tested and improved my methods over the last decade.

About Tony Kinley