12 Workout Routines men Can Do Without Joining a Gym

For some it’s the whole gym etiquette thing, for others it’s just that they aren’t comfortable working out in front of others but for most it’s the expense of a gym membership that puts them off signing up.

Whatever your reason for not joining your local gym, it shouldn’t be an excuse for not working out and getting yourself into shape. Here’s 12 workout routines for men who prefer not to exercise at the gym

Outdoor Training and Exercises

If you are lucky enough to have the climate then outdoor training is a great way to get into shape without those monthly gym fees.

1. Stair Runs: Find a flight of stairs you can exercise on. Run up them as fast as you can and then catch your breath by walking back down them before repeating the run up. Alternate your run ups by taking the steps one at a time and then on the next run up, take two at a time.

Benefits: Fantastic workout for your legs and backside and will quickly tone both.

2. Cycling: Mountain bikes don’t have to cost an arm and a leg any more and they are a great long term investment in your health. Push it though, you aren’t out to admire the joggers you’re out for a workout ride.

Benefits: Great for your heart and legs.

3. Get the ball out and play some one on one with a friend. For Americans it will be basketball and for the rest, football.

Benefits: A good cardio workout.

4. For beginners just starting out on their path to health and fitness a long brisk walk can be enough to get the heart pumping. To keep it interesting don’t stick to the same route and take along the dog. If you don’t have one, offer to take the neighbours.

Benefits: Another good cardio workout.

5. Hill climbing takes walking to a whole new level. You’ll need to invest in some good hiking boots but if you are lucky enough to live in an area with some suitable walks, your rewards will be a great sense of achievement and some amazining views.

Benefits: Great for the legs and heart.

6. Ever wonder why rowing machines are always used so prominently in the gyms? Rowers are among the most fittest of athletes because rowing gives most of the major muscle groups a hard workout.

Benefits: Tones and strengthens the arms, shoulders, upper back and core muscles.

7. Probably the easiest cardio workout is the humble jog. It seems to have gone a little out of fashion at the moment but it really is a great exercise for your heart and it’s cheap and easy.

Benefits: The original cardio workout and great for toning the legs too.

Indoor Training and Exercises

8. Resistance training: Invest in a good set of resistance training tools such as the TRX Suspension Trainer. Resistance training develops balance, power, endurance, strength and core stability and can be done in the home.

Benefits: Solid workout that’s great for beginners and experienced athletes alike.

9. Push Ups: Push-ups aren’t just for Marines. They are a great exercise you can do in the home and are the perfect exercise for measuring your progress. Keep a record of how many you can do to see how your strength improves over time.

Benefits: The original upper body workout, the push up strengthens your arms, shoulders and chest muscles to create the V shape amny of us strive for.

10. Squats: Standard squats work your thighs and buttocks while wall squats will also strengthen your hamstrings and quadriceps too. For a traditional squat stand with your feet slightly apart and bend your knees until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Hold it to the count of 3 and then slowly stand up again.

To do a wall squat stand with your back hard against a wall and slowly slide down the wall until your legs are parallel with the floor. Hold yourself there for as long as you can and then slowly lower yourself to a sitting position.

Benefits: Squats give the legs and buttocks a solid workout

11. Dumbbells: Another solid investment for any home workout kit is a good set of adjustable dumbbells. As well as being essential for the traditional bicep exercises associated with the dumbbell, you can use them to target just about any muscle group you want to. For around the price of around 1 months gym membership, you get a lot of mileage out of a set of dumbbells.

Benefits: You can work your entire body with a good set of dumbbells

12. Pull ups: A pull up bar that fits in a doorway costs a few dollars on Amazon and are well worth the money if you want real bicep workouts.

Benefits: Pull ups will build your biceps and will quickly build a six pack with gurilla crunches