10 Questions About Abdominal Exercises

How long will it take to develop a “six pack” of abs?

Well, you were born with the six pack and it is still in there. The problem is that no one can see it due to water and fat in the stomach area! So, you need to diet properly and perform ab exercises until the level of fat reduces and the muscles develop firmly.

What are the best exercises for my stomach muscles?

You should use a variety of exercises that work the entire core rather than just concentrating on your abs as this can lead to what’s known as ‘aerobic abs’

What exactly are abdominal exercises?

They are weighted and body weight exercises designed to work the abdominal muscles in the stomach area.

Can I work my abs out every day?

Yes, it is possible to work the abs out everyday. Because the muscles in our abs are under constant stress these muscles will continue to develop even if they are worked out on a daily basis.

Do I need to perform a lot of high repetitions to see noticeable results from my ab workouts?

You should never do more reps than you feel comfortable with, but in general ab workouts require a high set of repetitions.

Is there a way to get rid of love handles?

Probably the best ab exercises to work on the love handle area would be side bends. These involve tilting side to side and putting stress on the side abdominal muscles.

Should I work my abs out every day?

Probably not, unless you are already in good shape. If you are new to ab exercises then it would be best to stick with two or three days a week until your conditioning and fitness level improves.

Is there any exercise equipment that can be used to increase my ab workout?

Yes, medicine balls, cables, dumbbells and even barbells have all been used to increase the intensity of an ab workout to make the abdominal exercisesresults more successful.

Does it matter what order I perform my exercises?

Not really as long as you perform them regularly and in proper form, ab exercises will work wonders for your abdominal and core region.

Can I use stomach exercises to spot reduce fat around my belly?

No, you cannot spot reduce without surgery. Also, ab workouts are designed to strengthen the ab muscles. They are not designed to burn fat to a significant degree. If you are overweight you should start with The Man Made Diet before doing The Perfect Six Pack routine

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