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DEC 13, 2012 10:00 AM

Male Breast Reduction Surgery on the Increase

In 2006 just 370 Gynaecomastia sufferers turned to surgery for a cure in the UK, in 2011 it was double that with 790 men having the procedure.

The figures were released by BAAPS – the trade association for plastic surgeons in the UK but it is unclear if the numbers are up due to a rise in the number of men suffering from ‘man boobs’ or whether it is just a case of a reduction in the stigma attached to plastic surgery.

In 2011 breast reduction surgery was up by 7% from 2010 while rhynoplasty, eyelid and ear correction surgery were up just 5%. The only procedure on males to increase more than breast reduction was liposuction which increased by 8%. In 2010 the figures for male breast reduction surgery were up a massive 28% on 2009.

In the UK the surgery is available on the National Health Service but involves a lot of red tape. Doctors though could well be recommending it to their patient who is then sold on the idea but ends up going private once he is confronted with all the form filling, questions and a waiting list.

Many in the UK are against plastic surgery because they claim the majority within the industry prey on the vulnerable. Since the PIP scandal broke there has been …

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