• remove body odor

    How To Remove Body Odor

    When it comes to a man’s grooming regime, learning how to remove body odor is the most important. You can grow the hippest beard, you can wear the sharpest suit or have the sultry looks of [...]
  • cell phones are lowering sperm count

    Cell Phones Are Frying Your Sperm

    A new study has found that almost half of men who carry their cellular phones in their trouser pockets had a lower sperm count. “If you wear a suit to work put the phone in [...]
  • man in a suit

    How To Look Great in a Suit

    The good folk at Details have released a guide to buying and wearing a suit and it includes 57 rules, some of which most men can heartily agree with – such as rule 1, fit [...]


In the Spotlight

Exercise Myths Exposed

by Tony in Fitness

Exercise myths have been around since health and fitness became popular and here’s a few I lift the lid on and explain why they are just myths […]


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  • Home Fitness Exercise Equipment

    Home fitness exercise equipment can put you in more debt than a small South American country if you aren’t careful. Here’s our tips on what you really need to lose weight, get fit and man up. […]

  • Getting Rid Of Man Boobs

    The problem of getting rid of man boobs is one faced by more and more men. Man boobs are mainly caused by a hormone imbalance. The male testosterone level is low and the estrogen level is high. The low testosterone can cause fat to build in your body. […]

  • Fat Burning Supplements : Do They Work?

    While training supplements may be the leading products for most of these companies, the fat burning supplements are a close second but are they worth the money? […]

  • How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

    Simon from London asks if we can shed any light on how to get rid of a double chin? Read what Tony advises for anyone wanting to lose a double chin […]

  • Gynecomastia – Is Surgery The Answer?

    Gynecomastia is the enlargement of the male breast. This is actually a very common condition in men of today. Many men who suffer from this feel embarrassed and will try to avoid having to be around people without a shirt on. […]